«FROZEN WORLDS»: World of Natural Jewelry

If you’re searching for a unique accessory that will favorably accentuate your personality and make you stylish, fashionable and striking, you’re in the right place. Our online shop specializes in selling extraordinary jewelry made of natural materials.

Don’t miss the chance to accentuate your personality!

We offer a wide range of unique jewelry pieces made of such natural materials, as:

  • epoxy resin;
  • natural wood.

For the convenience of our customers, we’ve separated all the jewels into four thematic categories so all clients can find models suiting them as quickly as possible. New jewels will be added to our catalogue soon, as now we’re expanding our production and going to offer:

  • earrings;
  • amulets;
  • necklaces.

Now in our online shop you can order handmade rings that are made by professional jewelers knowing all the fine points of such work. That’s why our jewels are not only stylish and fashionable accessories, but also seals of excellent quality and durability.

How to take care of jewelry?

If you follow several simple rules, you won’t have problems with jewelry made of natural materials. It’s recommended to:

  • take off jewels before taking a shower or bath as excessive moisture destroys them;
  • avoid the direct exposure to the chemicals;
  • sunlight can spoil jewels so it’s better to keep them in a dark place.

Wear wooden rings in a right way to avoid deformation. Don’t expose them to sharp objects.

Determine the finger size

As it’s impossible to adjust a wooden ring so that it fits the finger, you should determine the finger size attentively. There’re two common ways to do this:

  1. Wrap some thread around the finger five times. Divide the resulting length in millimeters by 15.7 and you will get the diameter of the ring. It’s better to measure the finger in the evening when the hands are not swollen.
  2. The professional way: seek help from the nearest jewelry store where your finger size will be precisely determined with a ring stick.

We’re glad to help our customers so we offer the best payment and delivery terms. We deliver the items to any corner of the country. We start executing the order as soon as you pay 50 % of its price. You have a possibility to control our every step as we provide photoreports and coordinate every action.



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