How to store wooden jewelry

To make your engagement the most vivid and unforgettable event in life, we offer you to mark the birth of a new family and please your soulmate with a personalized gift made of environmentally friendly materials, granted by nature itself!

To ensure that the stylish jewelry will always look just as new, follow some simple recommendations. It’s quite easy to take care for jewelry made of wood, however, if you do not follow the simple storing rules it may lose its aesthetic properties.

Appearance of FrozenWorlds Wooden Ornaments

 In this section of our online store you can look at the look of our products in the jewelry category, and unique wood products.

 Packaging of wooden ring from "FROZENWORLDS"

How to Determine Finger Size?

Models presented in our catalogue are unique handmade rings made of wood. Before ordering the jewel it’s necessary to determine its proper diameter. We’ll give you some recommendations on how to determine the finger size.

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Unique jewelry from «FROZENWORLDS»

Bijouterie presented in our catalog, is original and can positively emphasize your individuality. We have developed a range of special handmade ornaments from natural materials, and we are pleased to present our products to our customers.

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