How to Determine Finger Size?

Models presented in our catalogue are unique handmade rings made of wood. Before ordering the jewel it’s necessary to determine its proper diameter. We’ll give you some recommendations on how to determine the finger size.

On what measure accuracy depends

It’s recommended to pay attention to the following points that can cause imprecise results:

  1. Time of day when you try to determine the finger size. It’s better not to measure the size in the morning or evening when the hands are swollen. So noon is the best time of day for this.
  2. If you’ve just got home from the cold, the data you get when measurements will be false as the hands are not swollen in the cold and, conversely, swollen in the heat.
  3. Exercises increasing the blood flow to the hands are not recommended a few hours before measuring the size.

To be confident in the result, it’s better to measure the finger several times, on different dates and using different methods, which lets determine the most precise measurements.

How to determine the finger size with improvised means?

The simple method that everyone can use will help make the most precise measurements. To do this, you need a 1.5 mm strip of paper. Follow the sequence:

  • wind a strip of paper around the finger;
  • measure its length and convert to millimeters;
  • divide it by 3.14 and look at a special table.

Note that you always need to round the result to the bigger size so that the ring doesn’t press the finger and fits it perfectly.

How to determine the finger size in a professional manner? To do this, you need to seek help in the nearest jewelry store where the jeweler can determine the size with a ring stick.

How to determine the girl’s finger size? If you want to surprise your loved one, you’ll have to cheat a bit. You can take her favorite ring quietly and fix the size (putting it on your finger or make a sort of mould). Or you always have an option to ask for it and not to arouse suspicion.


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