Earth patronizes people having such qualities, as rationality, a thirst for stability and responsibility. This is the most fundamental and immutable power. The Earth is a symbol of fertility and wealth and a key to discipline and concentration.

To strengthen a link with this pristine element, you need to buy a symbolic amulet. It will become a source of your life forces and energy and help you be in harmony with the Universe.

Every person needs such amulet, so our catalogue offers unique handmade rings that are made of natural flowers embodying this majestic element. Each accessory is unique in its nature, as the designer puts his heart and soul into them.

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Working with translation to English Radiance
2019-05-08 14:16
Трохи деталей про перстень з дерева та ювелірної смоли під назвою «Сяйво» Чи віри
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1 040 ₴ each
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«Гірський хребет» - дерев'яне кільце
2019-05-20 20:35
 Кольцо из дерева Горный Хребет Перстень из дерева Венге. Принадлежит к стихие
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Working with translation to English Epoxy ring "Vulcan"
2019-05-21 15:24
Кільце з дерева «Вулкан» від FrozenWorlds”   Верите ли вы в чудо? Это неважно, ведь леге
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Volcano Eruption
2020-01-16 16:57
“Volcano Eruption” Ring - conveys a storm of controlled emotions that help you not just reach your intended destination, but rise to the top with
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