Return procedure

Among the wide range of our jewelry stores online catalog you can find various handmade rings, necklaces, earrings and amulets that are created using of natural materials. In accordance with the Consumer Right Protection Law, our goods are not included in the list of things that can not be returned. We provide a guarantee for our production for a period of 2 years.

The main reasons for return

When accepting an order, our specialists start to implement it on the basis of the parameters specified by the customer. Such a remote form of work can lead to minor errors, which can cause that the final model will not suit. The main reasons for the return are:

  1. The size does not fit. The client could incorrectly tell the size, if he did not read our recommendations regarding the finger measurement, or it was a personalized gift for an anniversary and client could say “I did not know an exact size of a person near me”. In this case a jewelry, which was made, could not fit. Physical faculties could change if a person quickly put on weight or lost weight.
  2. Discrepancy with functional characteristics. If you find any changes in the appearance or quality of the product that occurred during the transportation, then we undertake to return the full cost of the product.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the appearance or design features, that mean jewelry does not satisfy the aesthetic expectations, then we will return money, as we perfectly understand that this is the taste of everyone.

If the fashionable jewelry does not fit, then you can document a return, and we undertake to carry out the procedure properly and refund 100% of the sum.

Basic requirements for the goods being returned

There are several basic requirements that are necessary for executing this procedure. The jewelry which you want to return should not lose its presentation.

  1. If there are signs that the product have been used (scratches, splits, attritions), then we will not be able to take it back.
  2. Retain the original view. We have the right to withhold return if the product has lost its aesthetic appearance which had been caused by the customer.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, the unique jewelry that you order with us, you should immediately check. If the jewelry was improperly stored and used (it was heat-treated, dropped, not taken off during bathing, etc.), then we will not take it back.




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